Google Nest vs. SimpliSafe Home Security

Home security is a critical aspect of any household. Your home is your castle, and the feeling of security is priceless. Whether you have a large house, an apartment, or a small house, you need to know that all your family members are safe from threats. In order to protect your property and possessions, it is absolutely necessary for you to have at least one good home security system.

As a homeowner, it’s important to consider different security systems and find the one best fits your needs. In this article, we will dive into two popular home security options: SimpliSafe Home Security and Google Nest. We’ll discuss which system is right for you based on cost, equipment, and ease of use.

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Best customer experience

Google Nest vs. SimpliSafe

Google Nest vs. SimpliSafe: Basic Home Security

Home security is a critical aspect of any household. There are different types of home security systems available on the market, but they all share one common goal: to protect your home and family from intruders. As we go along, we will discuss the basics of home security of both Google Nest and Simplisafe.
SimpliSafe Home Security Review
Founded in 2006, SimpliSafe has already established itself in the home security market. One of the basic features of SimpliSafe is its ability to arm and disarm doors and windows remotely. Other basic features are alarm, error, camera alerts; configure settings; and SMS or email notifications.

On the other hand, Google Nest was released by Google in 2017. The number one basic feature of Google Nest is its smooth integration with Google Assistant and Google Home. This allows you to control many aspects of the security system with simple voice commands.

Another competitive feature you can get with Google Nest is its advanced monitoring capabilities. This lets you check on the security of your home even when you are away. Lastly, this home security system’s keypad and door/window sensors are capable of detecting motion, making Google Nest a competitive choice in the market.

As for installation, Google Nest and SimpliSafe are both DIY systems, which means you can install these home security systems on your own. Other security companies require professional installation, which makes both Google Nest and SimpliSafe better options.

Google Nest Secure Review

Google Nest vs. SimpliSafe: Special Features

Although all home security companies aim for one goal — to protect families and homes—they do it in different ways. To make sure they stand out from the competition, security companies offer unique features. We will now talk about some of the special features Google Nest and SimpliSafe have and see how they stack up against each other.

One of the best features Google Nest has to offer is their Nest Cam IQ Indoor, where the camera shoots in 1800 pixels HD with a wide 130-degree field angle. With this camera, you can easily see all corners of your home. You also have the option to zoom in at least 10x and speak or hear through the camera—an ideal feature for families who hire babysitters and want to check in on their young ones.

Another great feature of Google Nest is the Nest Tags. They work like key fobs, allowing you to quickly arm and disarm locks without the need for a passcode.

Additionally, Google Nest offers Nest Guard that connects you to the Nest app and ecosystem to make all parts work together, making it easier for you to monitor your home from anywhere.

On the other hand, SimpliSafe also has some unique features of its own.

One of the most interesting features is their Smart Motion Sensor. Unlike other sensors that notify you about any movement, SimpliSafe’s Smart Motion Sensor distinguishes between humans and pets. This feature makes sure you only receive notifications if there is an actual threat in your home. It also works to detect temperature changes which can help reduce false alarms.

Another SimpliSafe feature is the Video Doorbell Pro. This equipment lets you see whoever is at the door through its built-in security camera. You can also hear what’s outside your front door, even if there are background noises.

Lastly, SimpliSafe offers the SimpliCam—an indoor camera similar to Google Nest’s Nest Cam IQ Indoor. This video camera shoots in 1080p HD with a wide 120-degree field angle that lets you capture more of your home’s surroundings.

Google Nest vs. SimpliSafe: Pricing and Packages

Google Nest and SimpliSafe both offer effective home security systems that protect families. They have their own advantages, but in order to determine which is better, it is important to compare their prices and packages.


In terms of the cost of each security system’s equipment, SimpliSafe is quite affordable, with its basic package being $229. Their monitoring rate ranges from $9.99/month to $27.99/month. Any additional features would cost you extra.


On the other hand, the Google Nest package can cost you from $288.99 to $400. As we mentioned earlier, you can install both systems on your own, but if you prefer to have a professional install it, the Googe Nest installation fee is around $99.


After comparing both security systems’ prices and packages, we found that SimpliSafe is the more affordable option when it comes to the cost of equipment and monthly monitoring rates.

Both companies require no contract, so you can cancel anytime. SimpliSafe provides you with a 60-day trial period, while Google Nest gives you 30 days.

As for warranty, SimpliSafe offers a 3-year limited warranty. Google Nest only has a 2-year warranty for their equipment.

Final Thoughts

Both Google Nest and SimpliSafe offer reliable home security systems that keep your family safe at all times. Each has its own pros and cons, but it generally comes down to personal preference when choosing between the two.

If you are looking for an affordable yet effective home security system, you might want to consider SimpliSafe over Google Nest. However, if you want a more sophisticated security system that offers you more in terms of equipment and features, it is best to stick with Google Nest for your smart home security needs.

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